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Oil-Free Air Compressor

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Oil-Free Air Compressor

Type : Piston

Working Pressure : 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.4 Mpa                           

Air Flow : 0.5-4 m³/min

Power : 0.55-37 KW

Features : 

This series includes All oil-free air compressors, Oil-free tank compressors, Oil-free oxygen (nitrogen) compressors,Oil-free explosion-proof compressors, and Oil-free special gas recovery compressors.

The oil-free compressor does not need to add lubricating oil, eliminating the complicated oil filtration and treatment equipment, saving a lot of equipment expenses and maintenance costs. The discharged gas does not contain oil and oil steam, does not contain pollution user's terminal product, which is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving product.

Application: Oil-free compressor is especially suitable for medical treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, post and telecommunications, electronic pneumatic instruments, high-grade spraying, powder and granular gas transportation, air mixing, film sensitive, construction engineering, materials, laser cutting, national defense scientific research and other departments requiring high-quality oil-free compressed air use: It is also widely used in oxygen production, nitrogen production, pressurized bottle filling, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, laughing gas and other gas pressurization, helium, argon, sulfur hexafluoride, oil and gas recovery, and can also be used for users to do explosion-proof design, air compressor station design.


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